Labels on reels, Polestar

PE labels to be used to print product information on. Label thickness of 100 gram gives a perception of a premium product. All labels are approved by Polestar. The labels are delivered on reels. Labels on reels are suitable for small and medium volume prints. For more questions on labels please contact

How to order preprinted labels

Please note if you order blank labels you must order in reel (1, 2, 3 etc.) We reserve the right to round up your order to whole reels.

Please note!
An additional cost of 50 SEK will be added on each order line.

When ordering pre-printed labels, there will be an additional cost of 110 SEK on each order line.

An administration fee including packaging and documentation will also be charged for orders containing labels.

Article Quantity
Label, 65x72mm Polestar, on reel
Label, 50x41mm Polestar, on reel