Price, Terms and Conditions

The prices at are fixed in SEK and EUR and are confirmed by Volvo Cars Purchasing department.

PacsOn International offer you to pay in SEK in Sweden and Norway, all other countries is EUR. All prices are fixed. You can create your own price file with your current prices, You´ll find the instruction here.

Volvo Cars has decided that the cost of all packaging material and any shipping costs are to be included in your product costs to Volvo Cars. In July 2014 Volvo Cars decided to close the pallet pool (blue pallet) and this means that we will charge you for disposable pallets as a goods carrier.

An order is a purchase contract.
All orders must be placed at our portal or EDI up on request.
Customers´ responsibility
•    To register correct data in the account before ordering.
•    To place the order using the correct customer account. We do not have the possibility to change any invoices afterwards.
•    To add any necessary information, such as PO number, material number etc. when placing the order. We cannot change it afterwards.
•    To choose correct delivery address when placing the order.

Minimum order value
For orders with a value of less than 300 EUR / 3000 SEK we will add a M.O.V. charge (Minimum Order Value charge). The charge will be 30 EUR / 300 SEK. This charge does not apply on label orders.

All orders are complete orders
All orders are automatically complete orders in our system. This means that if one item is out of stock, the whole order will be on hold. Please contact us to split orders.  

Delivery terms

Please note that the free label service has ceased as from January 15, 2014.

Please note that the delivery terms has been changed to Incoterms DAP (if not a special agreement on pickup has been made) both for labels and packaging material ordered on the PacsOn International web portal. This is an agreement between Volvos Cars AB and PacsOn International AB.

PacsOn International will not agree to other terms and conditions or accept any costs from the customer or third party regarding shipment, delivery, quality issues or other designations.

EDI and other systems
PacsOn International does not today take active part in customer’s quality system, online training, web EDI or other customer based transactions related to Volvo Cars packaging material.

Payment terms 
Claims on invoices or payment terms must be given no later than the due date for payment.

Payment terms are sixty (60) days net after issue date of the invoice.
In case of delayed payment, overdue interest will be charged with 17%.

Link to terms and conditions (PDF)