Delivery time
PacsOn International always communicates estimated delivery date, this means that we communicate when the goods is expected to be delivered on site at customer. Lead time always depends on stock status and our supplier’s production time of the article. 


  • PacsOn International organizes all transport within the EU.
  • If any extra cost will occur during transport, PacsOn International will send an extra invoice afterwards, for example MARPOL agreement or inventory at terminal etc.
  • For countries outside the EU the buyer organizes the transport after receiving pickup information from Packaging support.
  • All wooden products such as pallets, frames and lids are delivered separately directly from our producers stock.

Transport of packaging material from Jönköping, Sweden

Transport of labels from Jönköping, Sweden

Open and closing hours at your plant
It is up to the buyer to observe the public holidays in your country that can affect the order. Public holidays in Sweden

  • If the order confirmation is dated close to a public holiday, the buyer has to contact packaging support to secure the delivery.
  • If there are unexpected events during transport that we (PacsOn International) cannot control, we will not take any extra carrier cost. The cost will be charged to the buyer. We do not have the possibility to add your information in our current system so you must monitor the order yourself.

Transport damage
All visible damage must be noticed direct on the waybill when you receive the goods from the transporter. The damaged goods shall not be used before the transporter has inspected the transport damage and the claim has been finished by Packaging support, please contact This claim shall be communicated to us within seven (7) days from receiving the goods. Incoming claims after 7 days will be denied.

Regarding damage that is not visible, you must control the goods within 60 days after receiving them and the claim must be addressed to, within 60 days.
Incoming claims after 60 days will be denied. 

Return of goods
We do not accept any returns of orders delivered consisting of packaging material or labels.

Individual labelling
Individual labelling requested by supplier is not included in our obligations regarding direct deliveries of packaging material.

Terms and Conditions (PDF)