CMS supplier to Volvo Cars

PacsOn International (former Pacudo) is since 2008 CMS supplier to Volvo Cars. CMS stands for Commodity Management Supplier.

What this basically means is that PacsOn International shall support Volvo Cars with savings and developing the business together with Volvo Cars. 

The co-operation spans from deliveries to VCCS (Spare Parts) as well as to local storages both in Sweden and in Belgium. Moreover PacsOn International also supports Volvo Cars and its sub suppliers with deliveries from our designated central warehouse in Jönköping, Sweden and from our warehouse in Szczecin, Poland. PacsOn International has developed the One Way Concept together with Volvo Cars. This assortment is developed as a complement to Volvo Cars returnable packaging assortment. The One Way Concept is suitable for deliveries where it is not possible to use returnables for various reasons. This can be deliveries to Asia, Russia or USA. It can also be used for long time storage of spare parts. The assortment in carton is used for goods up to 300 kg/ pallet. For heavy goods we can offer the heavy duty assortment in wood. 

To summarize the co-operation with Volvo Cars we can divide the business as follows;

  • Development and storage of the full assortment for VCCS including carton boxes, solid boxes, plastic bags, labels and other standard packaging material
  • Printing and delivery of labels
  • Packaging material to storages
  • Packaging development for special projects
  • VCI products
  • Deliveries to more than 1000 sub suppliers via a web portal