E2 Generation 3

Height of two pallet collars. Supports heavy pack weights with truck and maritime transport.

In order to be able to build the E2-E4 generation 3 assortment you need to order:

  • Wooden pallet E (1 pce)
  • Container E (1 pce)
  • Container lid sheet E (1 pce)
  • Container lid E (1 pce)
  • Container cornerlist (4 pcs)
  • Container side support (2-4 pcs)
  • Supportholder rubberband (2-4 pcs)

If you need to complete to the previous variant of the E assortment please contact us at customersupport@pacudo.com.

Artikel Kvantitet
Wooden Pallet New (E) 2366x819x145mm
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