V11 Quick box - DGS Batteries

Packagings used for transport of Lithium Batteries shall always be tested and later, verified by the Packaging certificate holder. 
The test shall be performed with live products intended to be transported in the packaging according to relevant test methods stated in the UN Model regulations on the transport of dangerous goods. Manual of tests and criteria, sixth revision.
Interior packaging material shall be selected based on the requirements set out in each relevant packaging instruction provided in the transport regulations for each type of product intended to be transported in the packaging.

Documentation linked to the product safety (SDS) shall be attached to the product according to relevant regulations.
Product safety data sheets and relevant handling instructions (CE-related) shall be provided by the manufacturer of the product content. Marking of the packaging and labelling shall be done based on the relevant transport regulations for its content. Filling, sealing and closure shall be done the Packaging certificate holders instructions.